Entry: If I Were An Emo Boy Monday, September 27, 2010

I fell sick again. Indigestion. My stomach's incapability to digest normally is more annoying than frightening. Because hey, I can't even drink pepsi without having to throw up every hour after that.
So we're allowed a maximum of three days off -excluding holidays- every semester

Today I took my fourth day off. Ha Ha Ha.
Guess I'll have to deal with whatever strict punishment they have.
But I don't give a shit, really.

So apparently Rach is my emo boy lover now. She's Zane and I'm Zack. We even got hot emo guy pictures to go with our names. And I'm the uke with the smaller penis.
If only this were real, I could model and not bother about going to uni and taking days off.



ohh boy i'm so gonna get raped


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