June 2nd 1991  (Age 26)


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Saturday, March 09, 2013
My Unintended
I know I've completely disregarded and forgotten this place.. I haven't had the time or opportunity to drop an entry here, even though several wonderful and painful things have passed me by. But then I did remember this place, after all. It's my personal space. And I love it. And I'm going to try to keep it alive again. I've lost all my contacts on here after I had some layout issues and lost my blog's code. My blogger mates, if you guys see this post, drop me a comment or tag so that I can link you once again.. So even if I'm talking to myself here, it's alright! I just don't want to give up on this page just yet.. My current status: I'm doing Engineering in Information Technology, third year. I'm happily taken by a wonderful man. My first and last love. I don't have many friends right now, but I'm grateful to my peers. I live with my parents, brother and Candy my beautiful Spitz. I still love drawing and rainy days. I'm still a dreamer of sorts... And very much in love. That's all for now!

Posted at 07:48 by fruchia

March 11, 2013   06:24 AM PDT
Welcome back!! :D

Glad to see that you're doing well these days.

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